A place of Family and Torah
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Baruch Ha-Ba

Welcome to Temple Sinai

Where the Jewish community comes home.

Ask people what they yearn for most, and invariably you’ll hear the same answers: to feel close to their loved ones; to rear healthy, happy and productive children; to have meaningful, lifelong friendships; to make a contribution with work; to leave the world a better place; and to be a part of the community -- of something larger than themselves.

Welcome to Temple Sinai, a synagogue that practices the principles of Reform Judaism as if offers an exceptional, one-of-a-kind place of worship, assembly, study and celebration. For three decades, with a list of some 400 member families, we have provided an atmosphere of warmth, inclusion and kindness: A temple that embraces members and guests alike, providing a safe haven and a vibrant venue for Jewish religious, educational, cultural and social programs. 

Temple Sinai is more than a synagogue: It’s a way of life, a social and moral compass, a home. Temple Sinai is truly A Place of Family and Torah. Join us. After all, you are the one that we have been waiting for.

For more information on membership and programs, contact: Bud Booke, Membership Chairman, bbooke1932@aol.com  / 760-360-1533 or Jennifer Feldstein jfeldstein@templesinaipd.org  / 760-568-9699.

For information about our religious school, contact Leslie Pepper, lpepper@templesinaipd.org  / 760-568-9699 ext. 211

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Tikvah Preschool

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Thoughtful gifts from thoughtful people help to support our Jewish educational programs for our children and our future.  Your support is greatly appreciated!