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Our chavurot are groups of temple members who gather together regularly to form a community, celebrate holidays, and learn more about Jewish life. The chavurah format allows congregants the opportunity to interact in an intimate setting and form lasting bonds by creating community. Participants find an “extended family” in the chavurah in which to pursue social, intellectual and educational growth. The chavurah is a family within the temple family. Members form lasting bonds of friendship that play an important role during time of joy and sadness.

Want more information? Submit the Chavurah Form and a Chavurah member will contact you.

Want to start a Chavurah?

So, you would like to find Jewish friends and families at Temple Sinai with interests like yours? You want a group of people to share holidays, birthdays, and life-cycle events. You would love to have synagogue members to learn with, to socialize with, and a group to just sit around and chat with.

Well, consider forming a new Chavurah at Temple Sinai. We are in the process of forming these informal groups which meet usually once a month in each other’s homes to create bonds of friendship. This is a way for members to create a small community of friends in celebrating Jewish life together. Whether celebrating the Jewish holidays, secular holidays, going to restaurants, having a barbeque in the backyard, sharing a Mitzvah Project as a group, a Chavurah decides what they want to do. The group runs itself.

Here at Temple Sinai, we’ve had a number of active Chavurot for many years. Because of ever-widening interest among congregation members, we are encouraging the formation of new Chavurot. Most of us come from different areas, most have children who are not living in the area, and we want you to feel as if you have a “desert family” within your Temple Sinai community. A Chavurah offers a way for newcomers and long standing members to be a part of an intimate group where we can celebrate the joys in our lives, and comfort us during difficult times.

Interested in starting a Chavurah? Just submit your Chavurah Form to Temple Sinai and a Chavurah member will contact you so we can host an organizational meeting to help get your Chavurah off the ground.

Chavurah: A Small Family of Friends Within a Larger Community

Tue, May 24 2022 23 Iyar 5782