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Adult Education

Temple Sinai is very proud of our adult education program that serves as a great opportunity for people of all backgrounds and levels of Jewish learning to expand and explore Judaism in exciting and creative ways.

Shabbat Morning Torah Study - Rabbi Andrew Bentley

Temple Sinai’s Shabbat morning Torah Study is held at 8:45 a.m. Saturday morning's before Shabbat services. Over the years, Shabbat morning Torah Study has become one of our flagship adult education classes.

Shabbat morning Torah Study is attended by a diverse group and led by Rabbi Bentley. We engage in lively discussions around the weekly Torah portion and delve into the text using both traditional and modern commentaries and always find ways to relate the ancient text to present day issues.

Like all of our Adult Education classes, we encourage participation as each attendee brings their own unique perspective.

So, come join us Shabbat morning, bagels and lox are provided through voluntary donations and the class is open to members and non-members alike without any fee.

Ten Paths To God - Rabbi Andrew Bentley

Starting in 2018, Rabbi Bentley began teaching from an exciting new curriculum based on a series of ‘Ten Paths to God’. There are ten units based on Judaism and Jewish identity based on the traditional sources and the teachings of Rabbi Sacks.

Each year Rabbi Bentley teaches one of these units. The first unit taught was on Jewish Identity and served as a great springboard for group discussion regarding understanding not only each of our individual Jewish roots but also by engaging as a group we learned from each other and gained a greater understanding of the diversity of Jewish identity in the 21st century.

This year after the High Holy Days we will be studying the module entitled "The Way of Israel: The Jewish Land".

The educational aims for this unit are for students to:

  • Consider the central role of Israel historically, halachically, culturally and spiritually.
  • Explore the notion of contemporary aliyah within the context of these parameters.
  • Consider the miraculous nature of the history of the modern State of Israel, and the balance in that narrative between human and divine accomplishments.
  • Understand the role Israel must play in the fulfilment of Jewish destiny and the Jewish national mission, as envisioned by Rabbi Sacks.
  • Consider what a ‘Jewish society’ would look like as the fulfilment of Jewish destiny and the Jewish national mission.

Class start dates will be published in the Temple Sinai newsletter, The Shofar.

Modern Jewish Ethics - aka Lunch and Limud

A great way to overcome the challenges ot the ever growing contentious world in which we are now living is to understand the values so inherent in Judaism that has kept the Jewish people alive and thriving for thousands of years, through times of darkness and times of light.

Every Wednesday at noon beginning in November bring your own lunch and join us for lively discussions based on different topics of ethics, ranging from business, personal relationships, how to love our neighbors, interpersonal and familial issues as well as how we as Jews should relate to our own diverse communities.

We use, as a basis for discussion, various Jewish texts that deal with Jewish Ethics. This class also serves as an opportunity to address current events that affect the Jewish community.

Adult B'nai Mitzvah

It is never too late to learn Hebrew and be called to the Torah as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Join other adults to explore Judaism and study Torah in a meaningful pursuit under the guidance of our Melamedet (B’nai Mitzvah Teacher) Arava Talve.

Highlights of the program:

  • Sharpen or gain Hebrew reading skills
  • Build a milon (dictionary and translate biblical text)
  • Learn about our Jewish texts and commentary
  • Prayer Study and finding your way through Mishkan T’fillah
  • Parashat HaShavuah (weekly Torah study)
  • Torah and Haftarah trope
  • Group and individual work on Torah and Haftarah portion/verses
  • Chevruta (group) and individual study of Alyiot
  • Shabbat service leadership
  • Creating D’var Torah (commentary on prayer, Torah and anything Jewish)

Introduction to Judaism

Learn the basic of Judaism, from why and how to light the Shabbat candles, to understanding the meaning behind the Jewish holidays and rituals.

Conversion Class

For those interested in converting to Judaism we have a special program involving meetings with the Rabbi and classes in basic Judaism.

Mon, December 9 2019 11 Kislev 5780