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Food Bank

The Food Delivery Project or Food Bank is a project of the Temple Sinai's Mitzvah Committee and was organized in 1993 to provide food for needy Jewish families in the Coachella Valley.

Currently we are delivering food to 85 families, 200 individuals, each week.

The project is supported primarily by contributions of food and money from the congregants of Temple Sinai and Albertson Food Drive, Local Indian Nation, Catholic Charities, U.S. Postal Food Drive.

Other local synagogues and Jewish organizations contribute on an occasional basis. We have two big Food Drives a year: One at the High Holidays and the other at Passover.

The qualification process is simple. The prospective recipient contacts Gail Jacobs, Mitzvah Committee chair at (760)341-2558. The following questions are asked.

  1. Do you need food delivered to your home or can you pick it up at our warehouse; and can you wait until our next weekly delivery day or do you need food immediately? (We have the ability to get food out to people immediately.)
    Since most of our recipients qualify for monthly USDA food, we complete a simple form on the phone which includes name, address, phone monthly income, social security number and information on family size and makeup.
    The list of recipients is completely confidential. Although most deliveries are directly to the recipients'' homes, we deliver the food for12 families to Temple Sinai where they are picked up by a third party.
  2. We deliver non-perishable groceries (canned goods, pasta, rice, cereals, etc.), bread and bagels and fresh produce when available.

The food is purchased by our volunteers from various low cost food outlets and donated by congregants.

Our warehouse work area is located at the FIND (Food in Need of Distribution) warehouse.