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The following prayers are required for students who will be completing Sixth Grade Hebrew School and continuing with B'nai Mitzvah studies.  There are PDF files which provide text below.

All students will need to be able to chant these prayers with fluency to begin B'nai Mitzvah studies.  They will be evaluated throughout Sixth Grade Hebrew to check their progress.  They should practice at home, in a quiet place for no more than 15-20 minutes a few times per week.  Regular practice for a short time period is the most effective method of learning to chant these prayers.  Please call (760-568-9699) or email jfeldstein@templesinaipd.org with any question or concerns.


Torah and Haftarah Blessings.pdf

V'ahavta and Avot Eemahot and G'vurot.pdf

Eilu D'varim.pdf

Chatzi Kaddish.pdf

Baruch She-amar.pdf