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    Adult Education
Temple Sinai has a robust Adult education program that includes:

Talmud Study:
 Each year from October through May, Tuesdays at 1:00 we focus on a section of the ancient text of the Talmud. We use modern a modern translation and commentary to explore one of the most fundamental roots behind Jewish law, tradition, custom and philosophy. Lively discussion and debate ensures a challenging and eye opening experience for both student and teacher.

Kabballah Workshop: 
Meeting the first Thursday of every month from November through May, at 6:00 pm, our Kabbalah workshop studies the basics of Jewish mysticism as a path to self-improvement, enlightenment. By examining Kabbalistic thought we begin to find meaning in our hectic, technology driven lives.

Adult Bnai Mitzvah:
It is never too late to learn Hebrew and be called to the Torah as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Join other adults to explore Judaism and study Torah in a meaningful pursuit under the guidance of our Melamedet (B’nai Mitzvah Teacher) Arava Talve. 

 Highlights of study:
·  Sharpen or gain Hebrew reading skills.
·   Build a milon (dictionary and translate biblical text.)
·   Learn about our Jewish texts and commentary.
·   Prayer Study and finding your way through   Mishkan T’fillah.
·  Parashat HaShavuah (weekly Torah study)
·   Torah and Haftarah trope 
·    Group and individual work on Torah and Haftarah portion/verses
·    Chevruta (group) and individual study of Alyiot.
·    Shabbat service leadership
·   Creating D’var Torah (commentary on prayer, Torah and anything Jewish

Judaism 101:
Focusing on Jewish life cycle events.

Conversion Class:
For those interested in converting to Judaism we have a special program involving meetings with the Rabbi and classes in basic Judaism.

Judaism Lunch Special:
Wednesdays at Noon, October through May, come join our lunchtime group as we delve into Jewish ethics seen through the eyes of Jewish scholars throughout the ages. This is an opportunity for debate and discussion as together we embark on a journey through understanding Jewish values. 

Basic Beginning Hebrew:
Study the basics of modern Hebrew with Gail Jacobs.

Intermediate Conversational Hebrew:
Modern conversational Hebrew with an Israeli teacher, Ruti Rukenstein